Sunday | 23 Jun 2024

Leonidas Paroussos


Dr. Leonidas Paroussos is an Economist and currently managing director of E3-Modelling (E3-Modelling specializes in the development and use of large scale applied models and performs applied research focusing in the fields of economy, energy and the environment). He holds a BSc in Economics an MSc in Finance and a Phd on “Energy and Climate Change: An Economic Analysis in the Context of Computable General Equilibrium”. He is a senior researcher and coordinates the research activities in the general equilibrium modelling team of E3-Modelling. He has 15 years of experience in modelling particularly in the development of the GEM-E3 model and he has participated in several research and policy oriented projects. He is a main contributor in introducing bottom-up modules in the global version of the GEM-E3 model and he is experienced in climate change policy assessment using general equilibrium models, environmental economics, energy economics and transport analysis. He is publishing regularly in a variety of journals including Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Complexity Economics and Economic Letters.