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EMEA is an independent research institution and forum of debate that provides innovative, forward-looking thinking and political, socio-economic and financial integrated analyses on the Euro-Mediterranean region and Africa in an emerging multipolar world. It strives to contribute decisively to the transition process in the Mediterranean and Africa amidst an unprecedented global financial and economic crises and geopolitical uncertainties and conflicts”.

– Professor Rym Ayadi

Mission and Goals

Aimed at contributing to the changing realities in the Euro-Mediterranean and Africa, EMEA brings together leading economists and high-level international and local experts to think for the future of the Euro-Mediterranean and Africa in a multi-polar world. It serves as a leading independent and innovative research institution and forum for debate on the political and socio-economic reforms in Mediterranean with an opening door to Africa with the aim to promote sustainability, inclusiveness, and regional economic integration and prosperity. It strives to contribute to the rethinking of the Euro-Mediterranean and African partnerships in view of the new dynamics of an emerging multi-polar world.

EMEA is Non-for Profit institution set up in October 2012 in Barcelona under Catalan Association Law.


  • To develop innovative political, socio-economic and financial thinking and research for the Euro-Mediterranean and Africa in a globalised world;
  • To monitor and to contribute to the reform processes in the political, economic , financial and social agendas in the Euro- Mediterranean and Africa;
  • To provide recommendations on new avenues to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth, on the future of regional integration and renewed Euro Mediterranean and African partnerships and policies;
  • To promote innovative initiatives in the fields of economics, management and finance for the Euro- Mediterranean and Africa and to take stock of best international practices;
  • To disseminate and promote new political and socio-economic thinking and views through research and a regular flow of publications and public events;
  • To provide targeted expertise on areas relevant to the developments of the Mediterranean and Africa to international and Euro-Mediterranean organisations;
  • To develop a network of excellence of economists and high-level experts in the Euro-Mediterranean and Africa;
  • To promote activities and actions for a transparent, responsible, inclusive and sustainable economic development in the Mediterranean and Africa.

EMEA Management

EMEA is governed by the Governing Board which is the founders group, the Executive Board – which is the core team of executive directors responsible for strategy, direction, management, financing, legal obligations and day-to-day operations. The Executive Board relies on the high-level advice of the Advisory Board, on a network of excellence of experts and coordinating team to implement its activities.

EMEA Partners 

EMEA has a large network of universities, research centres, institutes, think tanks, NGOs and CSOs.

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The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association builds on the collaborative research network MEDPRO that brought together leading economists and experts in the Euro-Mediterranean, funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Program and led by EMEA founder Professor Rym Ayadi from 2010 to 2014.

The research and recommendations of MEDPRO served as the basis for EMEA to conduct its activities. It builds on MEDPRO network of experts and partners and expands it. It develops new scientific concepts and projects towards the sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development of the region.

EMEA was formally launched at the MEDPRO Final Conference in Brussels in February 2013.


EMEA funding depends on contributions and funding by its founding members, foundations and international partners.

EMEA also participates in internationally funded projects and seeks grants from international organizations.

Current EMEA funding entities:

  • EMEA founders and foundation;
  • European Union funding program (NEAR, H2020 and others);
  • Union for the Mediterranean.