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External Publications 06/10/2021

Debt Relief for Sustainable Recovery in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: Proposal for New Funding Mechanisms to Complement the DSSI

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic continues its successive waves worldwide and amidst the uncertainty about the timing and the effectiveness of the vaccine coupled…

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External Publications 06/10/2021

Sustainable and Quality Infrastructure Beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic: Proposals for New Financing Models

Infrastructure investment is indispensable for green and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, public funding has been limited due to the use…

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External Publications 15/10/2020

Time to Implement a Tech-Driven Sovereign Debt Transparency Initiative: Concept, Design, and Policy Actions

Amidst calls for debt relief to mitigate the socioeconomic consequences of COVID-19 in Africa, debt transparency has become an even more pressing issue….

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External Publications 21/09/2020

The CBR Conduct Costs Project

Banks’ conduct costs in the post-crisis era continue to be a matter for concern, and they remain even more relevant in the current…

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