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Webinar Reports 01/07/2022

18th International Conference on Pension Insurance and Savings

Organised by the University Paris Dauphine PSL LEDa DIAL, the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, the Paris School of Economics, NOVA IMS, and Singapour Management…

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Webinar Reports 30/06/2022

EU-Africa Partnerhsip: What Next? Towards an African Stability Mechanism

The webinar, organised jointly by EMEA and CEPS, aimed to discuss the future of the the European and African relationship following the EU-AU…

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Webinar Reports 20/06/2022

MED MSMEs Webinar Report: Regional Risk Sharing Mechanism Counter-guarantees in the South Med – Strategic Positioning & Recommendations

The webinar aimed at gathering all National Guarantee Companies members of the EMGN and international cooperation partners to discuss conjunctly what could be…

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Webinar Reports 19/05/2022

Event report: ETU Initiative Conference – How can the ETU support your energy transition?

The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA), partner of the Interreg MED Renewable Energy project, organised and hosted a conference to showcase and disseminate the…

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Webinar Reports 15/05/2022

EMEA webinar report: COVID 19 Pandemic, War and Stagflation: How can countries in the Mediterranean and Africa respond?

The webinar discussed the current state of affairs amidst the war in Ukraine and the subsequent setback to global economic recovery, with a…

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Webinar Reports 10/05/2022

KAS – EMEA webinar report: Assessing Healthcare Systems Resilience and Consequences amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

The webinar “Assessing Healthcare Systems’ Resilience and Consequences amidst COVID-19” was jointly organised by the Regional Program Political Dialogue South Mediterranean of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung…

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Webinar Reports 28/03/2022

Event report: Rewriting the Narrative – Africa-Europe Dialogue

The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) successfully organised the session “Rewriting the Narrative: Africa-Europe Dialogue” as part of the Culture Track of Africa-Europe Week,…

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Webinar Reports 09/03/2022

EMEA research debate report: Financial Inclusion in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries: A survey of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia

The webinar presented the results of the study on “Financial Inclusion in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries: A survey of Egypt, Jordan,…

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Webinar Reports 07/02/2022

EMEA webinar report: How is the Green Transition Financed to Tackle Climate Change in the Mediterranean and Africa?

This webinar discussed which investment and financing priorities are needed for a proper green transition in African countries, considering both climate change and…

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Webinar Reports 27/07/2021

EMEA webinar report: EU-Africa Partnership: Is the EU still a relevant actor for development policy in the continent?

 The webinar discussed what kind of Actor will the EU be in development and cooperation with Africa, and what is differentiating EU…

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