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Policy Papers 20/06/2022

A Proposal to fund a Resilient and Sustainable Recovery for the Mediterranean and Africa

This policy paper reviews the main achievements by the international organisations in responding to the challenges facing low and middle-income countries, with a…

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Policy Papers 29/03/2022

Territorial Resilience: Pillars for a Holistic Approach of Resilience for Land Use Planning

EMEA Policy Paper March 2022 The purpose of this paper is to present a comprehensive conceptual framework that defines territorial resilience from a…

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Policy Papers 12/05/2021

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: The Relevance of a Nexus Approach in the Euro-Mediterranean and African Region

EMEA – EMNES Policy Paper, May 2021 Sustainable development as a holistic framework is a top priority in the global agenda. Abundant literature…

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Policy Papers 27/04/2021

How did Covid-19 Pandemic Impact Education in Egypt?

The main objective of this policy paper is to determine the effect of the pandemic on the Egyptian educational system. The COVID-19 pandemic…

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Policy Papers 17/03/2021

Demand and Supply Exposure Through Global Value Chains: Euro-Mediterranean Countries During Covid

This paper tries to examine how the COVID-19 shock affects different countries through their regional integration and their exposure to Global Value Chains…

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Policy Papers 01/12/2020

Proposal for a Three-Pillar Resilience Framework to Face External Shocks: The Case of Covid-19 Pandemic

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has fundamentally tested the capacity and resilience of health and socio-economic systems to respond to high-impact shocks and…

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Policy Papers 17/11/2020

Making Transparency Pay: Designing the Right Incentives for Debt Managers in Africa

The policy paper proposes the introduction of a variable remuneration component for debt managers in Sub-Saharan Africa and other less developed countries characterised…

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Policy Papers 03/11/2020

Preventing and Managing Debt Crises: The Role of Debt Transparency

Amidst calls for debt relief to mitigate the socioeconomic consequences of COVID-19 in Africa, debt transparency has become an even more pressing issue,…

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Policy Papers 02/07/2020

Sustainable recovery post-COVID-19: A twin proposal to preserve bank resilience and fund the European economy

The policy paper reviews the policy interventions that EU institutions and governments put in place to reduce the risks of lockdown and the…

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Policy Papers 30/06/2020

Lebanon: a case of a compounded crisis: A TRIS path for the Phoenix to re-emerge from the ashes

Lebanon is facing several challenges at economic, social, governance and environmental levels. The COVID-19 crisis served to amplify these existing crises. In this…

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