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Studies 02/03/2022

Assessing Healthcare Systems Resilience and Consequences amidst COVID-19 Pandemic. Cases of Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia

EMEA – EMANES – KAS PolDiMed Study 2022 The COVID-19 outbreak hit an unprepared world in February 2020. The pandemic shined a spotlight…

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Studies 06/12/2021

Financial Inclusion in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries

EMEA – EMNES Study December 2021 Financial inclusion (FI) has been high on the agenda of international institutions, regulators and policymakers for a…

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Studies 21/06/2021

The Euro-Mediterranean Blue Transition Scenario 2050

EMEA-EMNES Study – June 2021 The study aims to provide a quantified projection of the Blue Transition scenario (the study published by EMEA…

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Studies 28/05/2021

Assessing the role of Credit Guarantee Schemes in the Southern Mediterranean – Pre and During Covid-19

EMEA-EMNES SURVEY – MAY 2021 Amidst the global health crisis, this new study updates the study of Ayadi and Gadi (2013) and extends…

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Studies 05/05/2021

Education and Training Policies in Response to COVID-19: Preparing for the Recovery – A Focus on Arab Mediterranean Countries

Amidst the disruptive circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 global pandemic, this new study provides an overview of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 in…

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Studies 21/12/2020

How Resilient are the Healthcare Systems in the Mediterranean? Cases of Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia

Amidst the disrupting circumstances resulting from the global pandemic COVID-19, this new study, jointly conducted by the Regional Program Political Dialogue South Mediterranean…

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Studies 28/09/2020

COVID-19 Policy Assessment Monitor: Mediterranean and Africa March – September 2020

Amidst the disrupting circumstances resulting from the global pandemic COVID-19, this new study provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Studies 13/07/2020

Assessing Regional Integration in the Euro-Mediterranean: A Multi-Dimensional Regional Integration Matrix EMEA Study – July 2020

The developments in the Euro-Mediterranean region during the last decade highlight a trend towards more fragmentation, which is widening. The COVID-19 crisis put…

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Studies 22/04/2020

Covid-19 in the Mediterranean and Africa: Diagnosis, Policy Responses, Preliminary Assessment and Way Forward Study

Amidst the disrupting circumstances resulting from the global pandemic COVID-19, this study provides a diagnosis of the contagion between February and April 2020…

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Ali Abdullah-Samir


Barnieh Sarpong-Kwame



Makkaoui El-Najat

Mouelhi Ayed Ben-Rim






Studies 02/04/2020

Blue Transition Policy Roadmap: Towards Transparent, Responsible, Inclusive and Sustainable (TRIS) Development in the Mediterranean

This study describes a new strategic framework using the Three Horizons Methodology that engages experts, stakeholders and citizens in a participatory foresight exercise….

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