Wednesday | 19 Jun 2024

Emmanuel Bergasse


Mr. Emmanuel BERGASSE, Energy Economist and Energy Policy Expert, has gained an extensive experience on sustainable energy policies and market reforms in transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean. As independent consultant, he has designed, managed and evaluated several large international projects. For instance, for the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, he managed and co-prepared several energy policy surveys, including “Western Balkans: The Path to Reform and Reconstruction” (IEA/UNDP, 2008). Within MEDPRO, he prepared with CASE the Technical Report “The relationship between energy and socio-economic development in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean” that focused on the mechanisms and impacts of energy subsidies, and alternatives. 
Other regional projects included the EuropeAid Paving the Way for the Mediterranean Solar Plan (Regional and national Sustainable Energy Road maps). Other papers in this region include “Energy Efficiency Potential in MENA” (RCREEE and World Bank) and “EuroMed Energy Cooperation & the Mediterranean Solar Plan, A unique opportunity for a fresh start in a new era?”

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