Sunday | 23 Jun 2024

Abdelkader Boudriga


Professor Abdelkader Boudriga is a banking consultant and specialist on Governance issues, and is senior economist at the Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies (Tunisia). He holds a PhD in finance and a certification on risk Management from the GARP and on Corporate Governance form the IFC (World Bank).Abdelkader Has more than 20 years experience working with clients and financial institutions on various issues including Governance, Risk Management,, Internal Audits, Valuations and Business Plans.Since 2005, Abdelkader has actively participated in the transformation of Corporate and bank Governance in Tunisia. He contributed to the device of the Tunisia corporate governance Code (IACE) and to the discussion and assessment of several new regulations regarding internal auditing, risk management and governance in the banking sector in his country.Abdelkader served on various Boards in Tunisian banks. He is currently head of the risk committee at Amen Bank (Tunisia), he is also President of the Indices Committee at the Tunisian Exchange market Board, he participates regluary in the Monetary Policy Committee (Centreal Bank Of Tunisia);Abdelkader is also an active speaker and moderator for local and regional conferences and seminars. He is regularly invited by specialized to analyse financial and economic issues in Tunisia and Abroad.He published several academic papers in referred journals on banking regulation, credit risk and bank performance in Tunisia and the middle-east. He is a member of Research Lab DEFI (ESSEC Tunisia) and supervised several Phd Dissertations in Tunisia and France.

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