Sunday | 23 Jun 2024


Participation of EMEA/EMNES to the EBA Research Workshop 2018

The President of EMEA, Director of EMNES and Professor at CASS Business School, Prof. Rym Ayadi, participated to the EBA Research Workshop 2018 “Reaping the benefits of an integrated EU banking market”, organised by the European Banking Authority, which will take place at EBA premises in London, on 28 and 29 November 2018.

She participated at the session “Business Models” where a paper co-authored along with EMEA members of the Expert Panel, Prof. Barbara Casu, Director of the Centre for Banking Research (CBR) at Cass Business School, and Doriana Cucinelli (University of Milano Bicocca), on “Banks’ business model migrations in Europe: determinants and effects” was presented. The presentation highlighted that EU banks are moving towards more retail focused bank business models with potentially  higher risk concentration.

Prof Ayadi is nominated as academic member of the EBA’s Banking Stakeholder Group, which is composed of 30 experts appointed to represent in balanced proportions credit and investment institutions operating in the Union, their employees’ representatives as well as consumers, users of financial services, academics and representatives of SMEs. The Group’s role is to help facilitate consultation with stakeholders in areas relevant to the tasks of the EBA.