Saturday | 20 Jul 2024


New working papers published by EMNES

The Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies – EMNES – a project co-funded by the European Commission and Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA  – published 11 new working papers:

  • “Skills mismatch and returns to education in Jordan” –  Authors: Nooh Alshyab, Serena Sandri, and Ziad Abu-Lila
  • “Asset Inequality in MENA – The Missing Dimension?” – Authors: Vladimir Hlasny and Shireen AlAzzawi
  • “Economic Analysis of Supply Functions, Private Returns to Investment in Education and Skill Mismatch in Egypt” – Author: Marwa Biltagy
  • “Do Exports and Innovation Matter for the Demand of Skilled Labor? Evidence from MENA Countries” – Authors: Nora Aboushady, Chahir Zaki
  • “Job Search Intensity and the Role of Social Networks in Finding a Job in Arab Countries: A Case Study of Algeria and Jordan” – Authors: Moundir Lassassi, Ibrahim Alhawarin
  • “Banking Competition, Convergence and Growth across Macro-Regions of MENA” – Authors: Samah Issa, Claudia Girardone and Stuart Snaith
  • “On Modelling the Determinants of TFP in the MENA Region: A Macro-Micro Firm-Level Evidence” – Authors: Nesreen Seleem, Chahir Zaki
  • ” Growth of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) in #MENA countries: constraints and success factors” – Authors: Rim Ben Ayed Mouelhi, Monia Ghazali
  • “Mixed market structure, competition and market size- How does product mix respond?” Author: Aya Elewa
  • “Do Institutions Matter for Informal Employment in Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia?” – Authors: Asmaa Ezzat, Hanan Nazier, Racha Ramadan
  • “Do Environment Regulations Matter for EU – MENA Trade?” Authors: Myriam R. Gad, Chahir Zaki

The papers are available for free download at