Thursday | 20 Jun 2024


Nermine El-Tahri joins the Advisory Board of EMEA

We are honored to announce that Nermine El-Tahri, former Sub Governor at the Central Bank of Egypt has joined the Advisory Board of the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA. She will support in advisory role all EMEA actions

Nermine El-Tahri, joined Egypt’s Ministry of International Cooperation (MoIC) in September 2020 as Assistant Minister for micro, small, medium enterprises (MSMEs). Before MoIC, since May 2016, Ms. El Tahri was leading the Central Bank of Egypt’s MSME’s initiative with private & public sector banks, local and international organizations, governmental entities and ministries.

Nermine returned to Egypt from the United Kingdom in 2007, shortly thereafter, she joined Banque du Caire as General Manager of Business Development. Throughout her career Ms. El Tahri‘s achievements have consistently been appreciated and recognized. She is the recipient of numerous diverse Global & European Awards by American Express for Business Development & Transformation, Outstanding Performance, Innovation and Customer Commitment. Nermine was granted the CitiTops Excellence Award in 1991 for Citibank Canada and Excellence Award in 1986 from Xerox Egypt.

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