Sunday | 23 Jun 2024


EMEA President, Prof. Rym Ayadi, highlights the importance of debt transparency at the webinar “Atlantic approaches to global challenges”

The President of EMEA, Prof. Rym Ayadi was one of the speakers of the webinar “Atlantic approaches to global challenges: Sustainability, recovery and new security threats” which took place online on 28 and 29 June 2021.

Prof. Ayadi participated at the panel “Transborder Economic Flows from an Atlantic Perspective: Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery: is there a sustainable alternative?”, which aimed to analyses the challenges of the post-pandemic recovery in terms of sustainability. At her intervention Prof. Ayadi underlined that “Global sovereign debt transparency is a prerequisite for sustainability and accountability”

The event was organised by CIDOB and EU-LAC Foundation in the framework of the Jean Monnet Atlantic Network 2.0 with the aim of promoting a high-level debate on the potential contribution of the countries and regions of the Atlantic Basin to multilateralism in key aspects to face the global challenges in the post-pandemic scenario.

Link to event video