Saturday | 20 Jul 2024


Brain Capital article published by Neuron

We are very honored to announce that the article “Building brain capital”, co-authored by EMEA President, Prof Rym Ayadi, has been published by Neuron (Issue 05 May 2021). The article has been published under the OECD – NAEC (New Approaches to Economic Challenges) Neuroscience-inspired Policy in cooperation with PRODEO Institute, on the concept of “Brain Capital”, which considers brain skills and brain health as an indispensable part of the knowledge economy.

NAEC promotes this concept as an approach for thinking about the economy and how it works in new ways and is laying some of the groundwork, looking at relevant metrics and building up a network of interested actors in the medical field, neuroscience, philanthropy and business.

The article is available at

Harris A.Eyre, Rym Ayadi, William Ellsworth, Gowri Aragam, Erin Smith, Walter D.Dawson, Agustin Ibanez, Cara Altimus, Michael Berk, Husseini K. Manji, Eric A. Storch, Marion Leboyer, Naoko Kawaguchi, Michael Freeman, Patrick Brannelly, Facundo Manes, Sandra B. Chapman, Jeffrey Cummings, Carol Graham, Benjamin F. Miller, Zoltan Sarnyai, Retsina Meyer, William Hynes.

For the last fifteen years, Neuron has established itself as one of the most influential and relied upon journals in the field of neuroscience. The editors embrace interdisciplinary strategies which integrate biophysical, cellular, developmental, and molecular approaches with a systems approach to sensory, motor, and higher-order cognitive functions. Neuron serves as one of the premier intellectual forums of the entire neuroscience community.