Wednesday | 19 Jun 2024


Banking Business Models (BBM) Monitor 2019 is online

A new Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA project, the “Banking Business Models (BBM) Monitor 2019” was presented at a breakfast meeting at CEPS by Prof. Rym Ayadi, Professor, Cass Business School, President EMEA, and Senior Adviser, CEPS, Doriana Cucinelli, Assistant Professor in Financial Intermediaries, University of Milano Bicocca, and Willem Pieter de Groen, Research Fellow and Head of Financial Markets and Institutions Unit, CEPS.

The Banking Business Models (BBM) Monitor 2019 Europe is the European edition of the bank business models analysis, which is part of the Global Monitor of banks and credit unions business models. The Global Monitor covers Europe, United States of America and Canada. More countries will be added subject to data availability.

The BBM Monitor 2019 for Europe identifies the business models of 3,287 banks covering more than 95% of assets of the European Union plus EFTA countries from 2005 to 2017, which accounts for 25,402 bank-year observations. Using a unique definition and a careful selection of multi-dimensional attributes and the development of state-of-the-art clustering methodologies, the BBM Monitor provides a coherent approach to analyse banks and to monitor their behaviour over time. The Monitor covers issues such as interaction with ownership structures, size, internationalisation, migration, financial performance and operational efficiency, contribution to the real economy, risk, resilience, robustness and resolution.

The BBM Monitor was prepared by researchers from EMEA, Cass Business School and CEPS. For more research about banking business models visit: