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Our Activities

Debt Transparency Initiative

The Debt Transparency Initiative launched by EMEA aims to enhance knowledge about debt related issues, particularly in low-income countries (LICs) and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs).

The aim of the EMEA Bio-economics Research Initiative is to promote nature-based solutions and mainstreaming economics, finance and policy. The results of this research will advance the work under the TRIS Economic Model developed by EMEA over the past years.

On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID -19 a global pandemic. This declaration alarmed the world about the severity of the disease, its speed of contagion and the need for government to…

EMEA developed a new vision for regional integration, inspired by the blue transition first introduced in MEDPRO and later developed in EMNES. This regional integration concept is called the “Blue Transition Vision” which is build…

EMEA developed the innovative “TRIS” concept for socio-economic development in the Mediterranean. TRIS stands for “Transparent”, “Responsible”, “Inclusive” and “Sustainable”. This new concept can be enlarged in other regions of the world including Africa.

Digitalization and AI have great potential in revamping education, research, and economic sectors. EMEA is developing e-research platforms aimed at enhancing collaborative research, creating content, and contributing to open knowledge and science.  EMEA, with it's…

Building on EMEA Founder research activities on money and finance, EMEA continues to enlarge the research on financial architecture, financial inclusion, stability and sustainability, crisis management in the Mediterranean and Africa.

EMEA engages in research and targeted initiatives to develop new indicators to monitor governance and institutional performance and to suggest policy proposals for the region and for Europe to strengthen global governance.

EMEA develops new models and scenarios and proposes new applications for the region, sub-region and countries.

EMEA Entrepreneurship and MSMEs initiative aims to: Perform surveys and research with the focus on high-value added start-ups, social business, creative cultural sectors;